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Niuean and Indian Language Week

Welcome to another week, another weekly blog with me! First week back at school and what a week it was. We got to get straight into another exciting language week not one but two which was exciting to celebrate and learn about. On Tuesday we got to open up with a celebration assembly which was held in the hall where we officially declared it open. We also had some great activities done inside the classroom. Our favourite art piece was our rangoli patterns that we painted and coloured in. We even added some glitter for that extra touch. Here's a snippet of what we made. Jalan created a beautiful rangoli pattern We used corks for painting girls creating some great masterpieces Some students creating their own rangoli patterns Lovely painting coming along To end of our language weeks we ended it of with our usual shared lunch where we got to try a lot of food from India and Niue. We even got to combine with Aroha 1 and we had so much fun together.
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Maori Language Week

Welcome to another weekly blog another weekly blog with me  Hey fam we had another fun filled week that just passed and we celebrated Maori Language Week. It was a great opportunity to learn about our native culture and try some traditional food. As a class we created some Taniwhas and Matariki stars where we added some glitter to make them look shiny. Here are a few snippets of us making our designs: Arthur adding some glitter to his taniwha Kahlani adding in some purple glitter Carlos with his amazing taniwha Everyone had so much fun creating these and once we finished we stuck them on our wall. We had our big celebration assembly on Friday and as a class we got to enjoy some performances from our Kapa haka group and we were even lucky enough to watch Clendon Park perform. They were outstanding!!!  Overall Aroha 2 had the best time ever when they got to help out by making our very own hangi. Each student got a turn to make our own ROWANDALE stuffing

Tongan Language Week

Welcome to another week another weekly blog for me! Malo e lelei and welcome to another week filled with Tongan entertainment and food from the Kingdom of Tonga. We had a really full on week celebrating a culture filled with laughter and joy that our children enjoyed it very much. We had our opening ceremony on Monday to declare that Tongan Language Week has officially been open. Our students did amazing speaking in their native tongue and running the whole assembly on their own. It was a very proud moment for all our Tongan students. My students very much enjoyed our celebration assembly on Friday where we got to see a variety of different performances from both boys and girls and we ended it off with a huge shared lunch back in our classrooms. Here are a few snippets from the day: Danz and Israel showing of their beautiful Tongan attire  The only two students who are Tongan in my class  For more blogs like this or something you might want to see more of


Welcome to another week another weekly blog with me! Hey family and friends. Aroha 2 have just completed their Whole School Cross Country for the year and they did amazing. It was really great to see everyone participate and also dress up in their house colours. I was very pleased with all our students and also amazed to see that our students placed as well. We practiced very hard throughout the week so to see some of our students place it was a very proud moment for me. Here are some snippets from the day:  It was a great day and we all had fun which was the most important part of the day just to see all our students enjoying themselves and having the best time ever with all their friends.  For more blogs like this or something you might want to see more of us doing, leave us a comment or hit the like and check us out next week for more fun and excitement in Aroha 2. Have a blessed week fam.

Daffidol Day

Welcome to another week another weekly blog with me! Kia ora everybody. I hope you all have had a good week and you're all doing well. Aroha 2 have been up to so much these past few weeks and we previously celebrated Daffidol Day. Daffidol Day is all about is a major funding source for the Cancer Society as well as an opportunity to raise awareness of Cancer in New Zealand. As a whole school we fundraised and donated all our money to the Cancer society by wearing yellow to school and you could either donate $1 or $2. It was a great way for our students to donate to a great cause and they looked very cute in their bright yellow clothes. Here are some snippets of students in yellow. We also made Father's Day cards too as Fathers day was on Sunday. Here are some amazing cards our children created: For more blogs like this or something you might want to see more of us doing, leave us a comment or hit the like and check us out next week for

Kia Orana from the beautiful island of Rarotonga

Welcome to another week another weekly blog with me! We have had yet another busy week in Aroha 2 and it was even more busy because of Cook Island Language Week. We had so much fun learning the different greetings, numbers and watching the famous dances from the Cook Islands. Our biggest highlight throughout the week was making our own Tivaevae's and we even were the winners for our Art work that was presented at at our assembly on Friday. To end of our Cook Island Language Week we shared a beautiful meal filled with a variety of island food. Here are some highlights of what we got up to throughout the week. The amazing Cook Island Group performance Process of making our Tivaevae's Our delicious shared lunch with our students A big Thank-You to our parents for helping out during our big shared lunch. We had an amazing time together and we have enjoyed learning new interesting facts about the Cook Islands.